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Plastic Moving Boxes for Commercial Moves

Are you planning a commercial move? The thought of relocating an entire business, with all its equipment and supplies, might seem like a colossal task. But here's the good news – you don't have to tackle it alone. 

Cheetah Crate KC is here to make your commercial moves smoother and more efficient than ever before. Read on and continue to explore the world of commercial moves, renting plastic moving crates for industrial moves, and delve into how offices handle supplies using our trusty plastic totes.

What is Commercial Moving?

Commercial moves differ from residential moves in scale, complexity, and purpose. When a business relocates, it involves transporting the entire operation to a new location. 


This includes office equipment moves, furniture, machinery, electronics, important documents, and more. In addition, this is where the expertise of professionals and office shifting services, like commercial moving companies, comes into play.


Residential vs Commercial

There are two types of moving which can significantly impact the moving process and requirements. Residential and commercial moves each present unique challenges and considerations, and understanding the differences is key to ensuring a smooth relocation. But what’s the difference between commercial and residential moves?

  • Commercial Moves

Moving commercial establishments involve relocating businesses and industrial facilities, requiring intricate logistics, specialized equipment, and a focus on minimal operational disruption. Commercial relocation often entails the handling of sensitive data and substantial machinery.

  • Residential Moves

Residential moving centers around relocating households, offering simplified logistics, flexible scheduling, and a focus on personal belongings. The equipment used in home and residential moving are typically standard, and focused on comfort and convenience for homeowners.


Office Equipment Moves With Plastic Bins

One of the challenges in commercial moves is ensuring that office equipment and supplies remain organized, undamaged, and easily accessible. 


Plastic moving totes, like the ones provided by Cheetah Crate KC, come in various sizes, to help you streamline your office move:


  • Efficient Packing: Our plastic totes are designed for efficient packing. Their uniform sizes and stackable nature enable you to maximize the use of space in moving trucks or storage areas.


  • Sturdy Protection: Plastic tubs are more durable than cardboard boxes and can withstand the rigors of a commercial move. They're built to handle the weight of office equipment and supplies without collapsing.


  • Easy Labeling: With wide sides, our plastic totes allow for easy labeling, ensuring that you can quickly identify the contents and find what you need in your new location.


  • Security and Organization: The secure lids of our plastic totes keep your items safe and organized, reducing the risk of loss or damage during the move.


Can You Rent Plastic Moving Crates for Industrial Moves?

Absolutely! Efficient commercial moving & storage moving bins go hand in hand, working seamlessly together to ensure a smooth and hassle-free transition.


The features of Cheetah Crate KC’s plastic moving totes make them ideal for relocating heavy office equipment, sensitive electronics, and essential business supplies, while ensuring the safety of your valuable assets during the move.


Your Commercial Moving Partner

When you partner with Cheetah Crate KC for your commercial move, you're not just getting high-quality plastic moving boxes – you're gaining a reliable ally in the moving process. 

Our commitment to eco-friendliness, durability, and efficiency will make your move a breeze. Make the Cheetah-fast switch to plastic moving crates! Contact Cheetah Crate KC today and take the stress out of your next move, keeping your business running smoothly.

'Additional Weeks' are only available for (1 or 2 weeks) additional weeks, or 1 month total rental period for each corporate order.

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