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We are Cheetah Crate KC, your trusted partner for effortless and budget-friendly moving box rentals in Columbia, Missouri. With our reusable packing boxes, we turn the chaos of moving into a breeze, letting you fully embrace your new adventure in the city of Columbia with peace of mind. 

Why Rent Plastic Moving Boxes?

Cheetah Crate KC is not just your ordinary provider of moving boxes for rent; we are your trustworthy partner to provide unparalleled convenience for every move.

Rely on us for all your moving crate needs and be one of our satisfied customers who experienced a “Cheetah Great” move:

  • Safe and Secure: Our moving storage bins are durable, offering enhanced safety and security for your belongings. These impact-resistant moving crates ensure your items remain protected throughout the move.
  • Cheaper than Cardboard: Say hello to plastic moving crates, an affordable but more efficient alternative to cardboard boxes. We offer you a cost-effective choice of plastic totes for moving, eliminating the need to purchase and assemble multiple cardboard boxes, saving you energy, time, and money.
  • No-build and No-tape Feature: A sturdy design with an attached lid and solid base, our rental moving boxes eliminate the inconvenience of taping every box corner. Our rental totes provide a secure and seamless packing experience for you and your items during transit.

Eco-friendly: Renting moving boxes reduces the need for disposable cardboard boxes that contribute unnecessary waste to the environment. By choosing our reusable moving bins, you are helping the planet by conserving resources and reducing your environmental impact.

So don't be a sloth - Be a CHEETAH! Run to sign up for our moving box delivery and pickup service!

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Columbia and Sustainable Living

Columbia, MO is more than just its diverse academic culture and scenic landscapes. Columbia’s dedication to conscious and sustainable practices shines as the city’s defining feature.    

Columbia’s Solid Waste Utility is the city’s move to actively promote recycling and waste reduction. This initiative fosters a culture of responsible waste management, creating a cleaner and more sustainable community.  

Columbia City further promotes green transportation alternatives by developing a walkable and bikeable community. The city’s thriving public transportation system also works as a model of eco-conscious living in the heart of the Midwest.  

Our “Cheetah Great” Moving Solutions

Our various moving bins rental services are designed to cater to each and every one of your moving crate needs:

  • Speedy Pickup and Delivery: Call us when and where you need our Cheetah Crates, we deliver them with the ease and smoothness of that as a cheetah. When you’re all settled in, efficiently pick the moving totes up, leaving no waste but only great moving experiences.
  • Affordable and Efficient Moving: Our cost-effective plastic moving crates are sturdier alternatives to cardboard boxes, leaving you with more energy and time to spend in your new space and less for worrying over your move.

Eco-Conscious Moving Boxes:  As we stay true to our commitment to reducing our environmental impact, we offer reusable plastic moving boxes that do not pile up in waste landfills after just one use. With these tools, we help you contribute to the preservation of our stunning planet.

Your Go-To Partner for Moving Box Rentals in Columbia

Bid farewell to your moving struggles and never have to ask where to rent moving crates again. Whether you’re moving from an apartment to your dream house or even upsizing your business to a newer location, we have the perfect rentable moving boxes for that.

Experience the convenience and quality of Cheetah Crate KC’s moving box rental services in Columbia with just a few clicks. Be a part of our “Cheetah Great” community and become a satisfied customer by simplifying your move with us. 

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Call Now: (816) 343-8086

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