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Gearing up for an approaching commercial move, but you're torn between two titans of office relocation services? 


In one corner, we have the tried-and-true “office moving company”, a heavyweight in the world of corporate moving services. In the other corner, we've got “renting plastic crates”, the agile and eco-friendly contender in the moving industry. 


So, which one will emerge as the champion of your upcoming commercial office moves? Let's step into the ring and explore their unique features, advantages, and disadvantages to find out which option suits your needs best.


Office Moving Companies


Round 1: The Features

When it comes to heavyweight movers, commercial office movers pack a punch. These seasoned commercial moving companies offer a comprehensive suite of services, making your office relocations a breeze.



  • Heavy Lifting Heroes: Professional commercial movers earned their crown in heavy lifting. From bulky furniture to sensitive equipment, business moving companies handle it all with expertise.


  • Stress Minimization: Forget the headaches of DIY moves. With professional office relocation companies, you can relax as they take care of every step of your move.


  • Time Efficiency: Thanks to their experience, office moving services are lightning fast, saving you time to focus on your business.



  • Higher Costs: Quality comes at a price, and professional business relocation services can be expensive.


  • Less Control: You relinquish some control over the move since the commercial moving company handles it all.


  • Vetting Process: You'll need to thoroughly vet your corporate office movers to avoid potential scams or rogue office moving service operators.


Round 2: The Verdict

Commercial office moving companies are the go-to choice for businesses seeking a stress-free, hands-off approach to their move. With the professional touch of corporate moving companies, they're your best allies in minimizing the chaos of business relocations.


Renting Plastic Moving Bins

When it comes to office moves, here’s a groovy alternative – renting reusable plastic tubs from the sensational Cheetah Crate KC! Our durable, planet-loving plastic moving bins offer a plethora of perks tailor-made for commercial office moving.


Round 1: The Features

Renting plastic moving totes are eco-conscious and versatile crates which provide a unique spin on commercial relocations.



  • Cost-Effective: Renting plastic crates for moving is budget-friendly. You can save a significant amount compared to hiring a full-service office move company.


  • Eco-Friendly: Being a friend to the environment is a winning feature. Our sustainable moving bins are reusable, reducing your carbon footprint.


  • Flexible Timeline: You control the pace of your move since rental is on a weekly basis. In comparison to costly moving companies for businesses, you can take your time without breaking the bank with our moving bins for rent.



  • DIY Loading: You'll be responsible for packing and loading the moving totes, so it's not for the faint of heart or weak of back.


  • Space Considerations: You need a place to store the plastic tubs during your move. For small office moves, this might not be ideal for all locations.


Round 2: The Verdict

Renting reusable plastic crates is the agile, eco-friendly alternative for businesses seeking to keep their move cost-effective and eco-conscious. They are perfect for those who don't mind getting hands-on in their commercial business moving process.


The Final Bell: Your Move, Your Choice

In the battle of office moving companies vs. renting plastic crates, there is no clear-cut winner. 


Do you seek a straightforward move with professionals at the helm? Or do you prefer a hands-on approach, keeping office moving costs down and Mother Earth smiling? 


The choice comes down to your unique needs, budget, and the level of involvement you desire in your office move.

If you prefer to be directly involved in moving office equipment, Cheetah Crate KC has you covered with top-quality sustainable plastic crates. Get in touch today and let's create a winning strategy for your office move.

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