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Office Moving Crates and Commercial Services

At Cheetah Crate KC, we offer plastic moving box rentals within the Kansas City area. With our office moving crates, you will significantly reduce the time it takes to move, resulting in lower labor costs, increased employee production, and a safer environment due to no lifting of heavy, unreliable cardboard boxes. Our dollies do the hard work for you!

As companies begin to place an emphasis on environmentally conscious practices and regulations, there is a growing need to extend this responsibility to the moving process. CCKC can reduce the carbon footprint of your company or business because Cheetah Crates are made from reusable plastic materials. With Cheetah Crates being less expensive than cardboard, the advantages continue with free pick up and delivery. 

You and your employees will love the advantages of Cheetah Crates during your office move!

40 Large Blue Crates
Free Delivery and Pick Up

10-20 Employees

8 Cheetah Carts

Additional Weeks

60 Large Blue Crates
Free Delivery and Pick Up

20-30 Employees

12 Cheetah Carts

Additional Weeks

90 Large Blue Crates
Free Delivery and Pick Up

30-40 Employees

18 Cheetah Carts

Additional Weeks

120 Large Blue Crates
Free Delivery and Pick Up

40-50 Employees

24 Cheetah Carts

Additional Week

'Additional Weeks' are only available for (1 or 2 weeks) additional weeks, or 1 month total rental period for each corporate order.

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When your company's next moving project is ready to hit the road, we're ready to help make it a success!  We love working with our commercial partners and offer custom quotes on all commercial rentals within the Kansas City Area

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The Many Advantages of Using Office Moving Crates

Using plastic moving crates reduces your carbon footprint and helps save trees. Even more, it helps reduce the amount of cardboard in our landfills! (And makes your company look really good).

Cardboard boxes are often easily damaged. Our Cheetah Crates protect your belongings from dust, rain, bugs, and more!

Increase employee productivity; don’t make them spend their time putting together and taping cardboard boxes. Our plastic moving crates come assembled and ready to go!

We drop off the moving crates at your doorstep and pick them up for FREE when you’re done. Saving your company time, money, and stress!

Our Plastic Moving Boxes Really Make a Difference, But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

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This is an INCREDIBLE service!!!

Talk about "moving made easy." I didn't even know this service existed until my realtor showed me their marketing material. I instantly knew that this was the right choice.

The price per day for renting the crates is very reasonable. The crates themselves are rugged and ziptie shut for safety and privacy. Even the movers complimented how much nicer these were to move than cardboard boxes. They moved them quicker than boxes, which saved me money (since movers are paid by the hour). Honestly, it probably saved me enough to pay me back for the one week rental.

Best of all... NO TAPING OR BREAKING DOWN CARDBOARD BOXES for recycling. That saved me money and time, for sure. I would highly recommend Janellen and her team to anyone moving houses or businesses. This is the simplest and smartest way to pack and move.

Adam Brown Kansas City


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